Where can investors outside of Africa find on-the-ground intelligence about African business opportunities and the African business climate? – the meeting place for Africa-focused investors and African entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Where insightful, reputable bloggers from diverse industries and countries tell the inside story on emerging African business opportunities….and high-potential start-ups announce their availability.

Site features:
• Discussion categories such as energy, health, commodities, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and technology
• Business listings for African start-ups (brief profile free, in-depth profile paid) will be marketed to the U.S. investment and press communities.

The founders:
Deborah Nason
, MA, is a business journalist who has covered emerging African markets for many years for sites such as and Through, she wants to help change the public’s perceptions of the continent, and spread the word about the vitality and sophistication of Africa’s entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Tim Anyasi is a Nigerian-born accountant and a serial entrepreneur, with special interest in the development of Africa. He believes strongly in the ability of the free market to move the continent out of it’s present predicament. Having spent the past decade in the West, Tim has gained a special insight into best practices and is committed to assisting African investors and entrepreneurs in moving to the next step.

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