IYPF 2.0: We Need You!

Greetings from the Board of the International Young Professionals Foundation.

We’ve been silent for a while, but now we are back. Expect to hear from us more – and get ready to get involved!

For the IYPF, and for many in the world as a whole, the last year and a half has been rough. We were hit badly by the financial down turn. The last International Young Professionals Summit was held right at the start of the economic crash (August 2008) which made things very challenging for us. It had a dramatic effect on our finances. But in spite of these hard times, we are glad to have had the opportunity to add value and continue to contribute in small ways to creating a better world even in the face of global crisis.

Emerging from the last Young Professionals Summit (IYPS) and our reflections during these hard times, we are now looking at a new direction for IYPF.

We want to work with your – our members, stakeholders and network – to carve out a niche and do things that only we do, and we do them well.

Specifically, we see IYPF engaged in 3 activities:

(1) An annual International Young Professional of the Year award. It’s a big idea, challenging too, but the mechanics of an award are relatively easy to facilitate given our network and expertise. It’s something no one else is doing – and something we are well positioned to catalyse and run. As an initiative, it can focus our organisation and efforts, and highlight what YPs are doing around the world to create sustainable change and a better world

(2) Convening a regular International Young Professionals Summit to bring YPs together globally, perhaps every 3-4 years, with regional events convened in between times in partnership with other YP organisations.

(3) Educating and engaging YPs around the world on the Millennium Development Goals as the world pushes on the home stretch to 2015.

For more background to our thinking, see the Declaration from the last IYPS here.

As we strike out in defining our new direction and moving forward as an organisation and global network, we are looking for fresh leadership to be injected into IYPF.

Very soon we will be providing notice of our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the AGM, we will be electing a new Board of Directors. We will receive nominations from those interested in serving on the Board and leading the organisation in to the future – start thinking about it nominating yourself now, or someone else you know who you think would do a great job.

A new Board is essential to IYPF’s future. New directors will bring fresh enthusiasm, ideas, and energy to develop and implement the new course for the organisation. The Board will be similar to an operational committee, with directors responsible for key areas of activity, as well as standard governance, strategy and compliance activities. We expect serving on the Board to require at a minimum 5 hours a week.

The call for nominations to the Board of Directors will come out to you all in the next month along with notice of the AGM.

Following the AGM and the new Board being formed, we will also be looking for new volunteer staff to help achieve the goals of the organisation and network. Stay tuned!

Yours in partnership for a better, more just and sustainable world for all,

The IYPF Board of Directors
Greg Nelson, Connie Walyaro, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Cameron Neil

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