Calling on Individuals and Youth Organisations to Formally Join the EnoughisEnough Coalition

EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE), founded in March 2010, is the largest coalition of Nigerian youth and youth-led organizations. Our goal is civic participation and, for the next one year, we are focused on mobilizing young Nigerians to influence the 2011 general elections by voting for credible candidates and protecting those votes.

We are a non-partisan movement, which means we are not aligned to any political party and not aligned to any political candidate.

We belong to every young Nigerian, and so every young Nigerian or Nigerian group is free to join this organization, with very few exceptions.

The organization functions as a loose coalition which executes its programmes through its member organizations spread across the country. This means that rather than impose programmes on the members of the coalitions, we work with them to to advise, support and empower them in the implementation of our programmes in their communities.

At the moment, we officially have at least 50 member organizations with a combined followership of over 300, 000 young Nigerians spread across the country. Our ambitious goal is to mobilize 10 million young people, cutting across religious, ethnic and socio-economic divides in the country to vote in the 2011 elections.

We are calling on youth organizations to formally register to be a part of this coalition to expand the impact, especially as we start Voter Education and Voter Mobilisation in rural and urban communities across the country. If you have participated in our rallies and other projects but have not been officially registered with us, we are also calling on you.

Guidelines for Organisations:
– Being a member means that you continue to work on your organisation’s projects and programmes but are part of this coalition to support its general goal of mobilizing and educating voters.
– You will be expected to help broadcast all EiE messages through your networks and to your members and get them involved in the projects as required.
– You must have a recognized office – organizations from outside Lagos or Abuja are especially encouraged to register.
– Diaspora organizations are also encouraged to join.
– You will be required to provide your organisation’s logo to identify you as a partner on our site and credit your organisation as a member of the coalition in our public communication.
– The coalition tries to concentrate on its central goal of mobilizing the youth vote, but if component organizations request specific support with projects that the Executive Board agrees upon, they will be considered.
– Organisations are permitted to be aligned with particular candidates; however they should note that under no circumstance will this coalition support individual parties or candidates. The coalition will not hesitate to call out and sanction any member organisation that attempts to mislead the public in this regard.
– If you know an organization that works at the grassroots level and does not have access to the internet, you can also nominate that organization and we shall contact you, or the organization, immediately.
– If you want to register with us, please send a one-page brief on your organisation and projects to info[at] and the Executive Board will review and get back to you with a decision within one week.
To ensure coordinating ahead of our Voter Education campaign, the deadline for the first round of registration of this particular campaign is June 30.

Please note that certain exceptions can be made for membership based on the Board’s discretion.

Individual Membership Guidelines
– If you are an individual and want to be registered with us so that you are part of the projects and can receive all the updates, please register on our website

Whatever you do, RSVP:
– Register
S – Scrutinise
V – Vote
P – Protect

EiE asks you to #RSVP in 2011: REGISTER! We can’t select for you, but you must SCRUTINIZE candidates. VOTE. PROTECT your vote. #EnoughisEnough

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