Media Presentation of “Nigeria Rocks!”

NYIN Online

The World Summit on the Information Society ended in Tunis over two months ago, but it will only amount to obvious waste (of resources, including time and travel money) if any nation or people-group fail to maximise the opportunities that the process provided — and still provides. With various follow-up meetings and consultations continuing globally, it is important for Nigeria to also consider the opportunities that the WSIS process — and ICT for Development efforts — provides.

This informs the media presentation of the “Nigeria Rocks!” project, which will discuss the book, Global Process, Local Reality: Nigerian Youth Lead Action in the Information Society; show the Nigeria Rocks! documentary; host a progress report on Nigerian Youth and ICTs (to be delivered by Nigeria’s Information Technology Youth Ambassador, Edward Popoola); and launching of the Nigerian Youth ICT4D Network (NYIN) Portal. The series of events will help lend media credence to the process of youth inclusion and participation in Nigeria’s ICT for Development space while also celebrating the possible sustained contributions of these youth.

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