F. G. C. Idoani, We Greet Thee…

FGC Idoani, I greet thee!

FGC Idoani, we greet thee
FGC Idoani, we love thee
To show academic excellence: this is our goal
The unity of our dear nation: this is our pride

And due respect to our government, this we shall keep
The beauty of good behaviour, we shall uphold
We greet thee, dear principal
We hail thee, all our staff

And we will always keep in mind, FGC Idoani
Yes, this will be our source of pride, FGC Idoani!”

(… and then the usual noise after the anthem, remember? Any errors in the anthem, mine and regretted — 1994 was 12 years ago 😉)

On the 2nd of October, 2006, alumni of Federal Government Collage, Idoani, will gather for the FGC Idoani National Ex-Students’ Reunion 2006. Please see event details below:

Theme: “National Rebirth”

Venue: Dining Hall, F. G. C. Idoani

Date: Monday, October 2, 2006

Time: 10am prompt

Additional program details follow:

  1. Day 1

    • Arrival and registration of ex-students from distant chapters by 12 noon
    • A special Jumat service at the college Mosque by 1pm
    • A friendly football match between the ex-students and present students on the school football field by 4pm prompt.
  2. Day 2(10am-4pm):
    • Cross-country race to town by ex- and present students (6am)
    • A 30-minute lecture on the theme “National Rebirth”, by a renowned medical doctor and conference speaker, Dr. Adeleye Omokhoa (former Chief Medical Consultant, Igbinedion University, Okada)
    • Inspection of college facilities, led by Mrs. A.A. Abolaji (former Principal) and heads of staff
    • A 45-minute open forum between staff and ex-students on “FGC Idoani … Our Status Quo”, to be led by Mr. Tope Fasidemi
    • Official introduction and launching of The FGC Idoani Intervention Fund, led by Dr. Dayo Adewuya and Barrister Ray
    • Introducing The Career Network (TCN), by Mr. ‘Gbenga Sesan
    • Introducing The FGC Idoani Books Project, by Mr. Bunmi Isinkaye
    • Nomination and Election of the 30th Anniversary planning committee and zonal coordinators January 2008, by Mr. Doyin Adeloye
    • Refreshment and reminiscences
    • Networking, led by Ms. Kemi Ogunya
    • Cutting the Reunion Cake

The Program Directors/Moderators are Tunde Akinsemola and Akinwunmi Abodunde. The Chairman will be Mr. Samuel Oluwole Adelana, the first Senior Prefect of Fderal Government College, Idoani.

For additional information and registration details, please contact Humble Okere, humbleo@yahoo.com and 08038558270.

See you in Idoani, if you ever had the privilege of attending the school I refer to as the training ground 😉 The enthronment and celebration of academic excellence, Nigeria’s unity, promotion of good governance, insisting on good behaviour, honour to the dutiful teachers/administrators, the love for FGC Idoani, and the pride we have in her training should move us to act. Reunion 2006 is the opportunity, February 25, 2006 is the date. Great, old FGC Idoani is the place. You and I are the people… let’s make it happen!

Eager to see you there…

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