DBI Announces Diaspora Internships in ICT

The Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), Abuja, Nigeria, in line with its mandate, and in a bid to further enhance Information and Communications Technology (ICT) development in Nigeria and the African continent at large, has conceived the DBI Diaspora Internship Programme.

The DBI Diaspora Internship Programme is an internship scheme aimed to harness and challenge active youths who have broad knowledge of ICT towards specific projects with a desire to practically improve and contribute to the wealth of ICT knowledge and awareness in the country.  This scheme will expose these interns to a variety of entry level professional challenges.


The DBI internship scheme will be held during the summer period, beginning on May 17th and ending on August 13th 2010.  Each participant is required to commit a minimum of two and a half months to the programme.


Eight students from Institutions of higher learning (undergraduate and first year post-graduate) outside the country who are proven to be competent and possess special skills in ICT will be teamed up with another eight innovative individuals from within Nigeria who are also vast in ICT.

Prospective participants are encouraged to apply early due to the limited number of available spaces.


The programme is designed to facilitate knowledge building and exchange through various projects and tasks.  Tasks assigned will be project-based and learning oriented wherein the fundamentals and processes involved in each project will be covered before the interns embark on further research, design and implementation.

Projects to be carried out will include:

  1. Computer Refurbishment Project – Upon completion, this will be a nationally publicized event.  The final products will be donated to Nigerian high schools.
  2. A research/design project to come up with a suitable electronic or biometric system for DBI staff attendance.
  3. Customization of an open-source software to suit the needs of DBI.
  4. A final project competition.


At the end of the programme, participants will be evaluated based on their performance in terms of tasks assigned and completed, as well as contributions to the body of knowledge in ICT.  Participants will present reports on the various tasks assigned and the solutions they came up with.


  • Accommodation: The Institute shall provide a comfortable and safe environment where the interns shall reside for the entire duration of the programme.
  • Travel and Transportation: DBI will not be funding the international or domestic travel expenses to Abuja.   However, the Institute shall be responsible for conveying the participants to and from campus during the course of the programme.
  • Compensation: The Institute shall pay a base stipend of N50, 000 per month for a total of N150, 000 (approximately $1, 000) for 3 months to each participant.


The main venue of the programme will be at DBI’s headquarters in Abuja with the possibility of travel to the Lagos and Kano campuses. Interns will have the same working hours as regular staff.


Prospective participants should provide the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Application telling us about yourself and what special skills you have in ICT, and why you are interested in this programme.


Applications are strictly online.  Send all inquiries and information to info[at]dbieducation.org with the subject, “Diaspora Project”.

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