Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • “AUC and UNECA will jointly develop a convention on cyber legislation based on Africa’s needs, for adoption by 2012.” – AU Commission #IGF09 #
  • “It’s my pleasure to officially launch the World Wide Web Foundation, here at the IGF, today.” – WWW founder, Sir Tim Bernes-Lee at #IGF09 #
  • “Each day, 90,000 websites are being created. Yahoo’s 300M members send 100B eMails every month.” – Yahoo! co-founder, Jerry Yang, at #IGF09 #
  • Microsoft is set to announce a Nigerian ‘NGO Connection Day’. Event also supported by giving out 100 free domain names/hosting #
  • Great to see what the Net-Arman (Internet Safety) project, that was inspired by the 2007 International Youth Forum in Egypt, is doing #IGF09 #
  • Q: What is life? // A: A space where you can put your skills to best use, benefit from its output and extend best possible value to others! #
  • Access, one of my favourite topics at #IGF09, is the topic in the main session now. Speakers include NCC’s Ernest Ndukwe, Ben Akoh (@bakoh) #
  • “Power, or energy, is a serious issue when we talk about access. Operators in the global south know this quite well.” – P Dandjinou @ #IGF09 #
  • “Access, to me, is being connected at the right speed, for the right price, to the right content, and in the right place.” E Ndukwe @ #IGF09 #
  • “Africa needs fibre without the limitation of borders… some countries deny landing rights” Ernest Ndukwe on Fibre Without Borders @ #IGF09 #
  • RT @bakoh: Access should also be seen as a social responsibility issue. Ben Akoh, #igf09 :: Even if masked as enlightened business interest? #
  • “There’s a need for secure protection of physical infarstructure assets so that when we’re connected, we can remain connected” Ndukwe #IGF09 #
  • @bakoh true, I believe that we’re in one of those times when all ‘forces’ need to throw efforts in the same direction. All benefit anyway 🙂 in reply to bakoh #
  • @nnenna Link to remote participation is Be sure to join the ‘Main Session Room’ in reply to nnenna #
  • @bakoh I am, and I see you are 🙂 I’m joining the ‘Internet Governance in the light of the WSIS Principles’ at 1500. in reply to bakoh #
  • @kayodeakanni You can go through the same page,, using the ‘Main Session Room’. Session starts in 17 minutes in reply to kayodeakanni #
  • @kayodeakanni You can go through the same page,, using the ‘Main Session Room’. Session starts in 17 minutes #IGF09 #
  • Happening now: Family Online Safety Institute, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle sign partnership agreements with the Cyberpeace Initiative #IGF09 #
  • Egyptian First Lady recognizes youth-focused groups including the United Nations Committe on Youth and ICTs (UN eLeaders) #IGF09 #UNeLeaders #
  • The session on ‘Taking Stock and Looking Forward (Desirability of Forum Continuation)’ is on now. #IGF09 #
  • “If you are considering the question of continuing the IGF, [do] take a very positive view.” – Virtual Vint Cerf (via video link) #IGF09 #
  • So far, Kenya, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Sweden and the EU have formally spoken in favour of the continuation of the IGF. #IGF09 #
  • The International Telecoms Union will recommend to its member states that the IGF mandate should be extended by at least five years. #IGF09 #
  • UNESCO would like to encourage the active participation of developing countries in the next phase of the IGF, supports continuity. #IGF09 #
  • Masanobuh Katoh (representative of FUJITSU), speaking on behalf of Japan’s stakeholder groups, speaks for the continuity of the IGF. #IGF09 #
  • ICANN says ‘Yes’ to IGF mandate extension and also noted the lack of mainstram youth voice in the process. #IGF09 #
  • @bakoh Maybe we should do lunch, if your schedule permits. I’m not sure I want to be smacked 🙂 in reply to bakoh #
  • “Video will account for 64% of mobile traffic by 2013; an average household watches over 1 hour of video daily.”-Cisco representative #IGF09 #
  • When you get an invitation that reads, “My wife and I invite you to the wedding of our daughter,” from a FaceBook friend, then it’s Web 5.0! #

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