Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Q: What do you do when @kenyaairways delays your flight in the midst of a tight schedule? // A: Flesh out thoughts on a new *winning* idea! #
  • Now that I have writer’s block, @kenyaairways, where were we? Lunch can’t be all you’ll offer for a 2-hour delay, I want a free retun ticket #
  • Jambo Kenya! Today proved again that when you know and ask for what you want (your rights, etc), you’ll get it. Assertiveness always helps! #
  • @tomjd Thanks for the willingness to support our eBook. The first chapter is at, hope you help share through AshokaTweets #
  • Paradigm Initiative Nigeria’s ( Quarter 3 2009 update (July – September) is now available online at #
  • RT @AshokaTweets: Ashoka Fellow @gbengasesan has just released a great #eBook, check it out: #socent #
  • Discussing ‘Cybecrime and Outsourcing in Africa’ at the Outsourcing & Contact Centre East Africa conference this morning. #
  • ‘Echoes From Ajegunle’ is on the homepage of Brazillian social networking website, Thanks, @rpamponet! #
  • @wefollow #nigeria #ict4d #socent #
  • At a forum on Web 2.0 in Nigeria, what Web 2.0 businesses/initiatives would you like featured as Case Studies from Nigeria? #nigeria #web2.0 #
  • Thanks Cairo, Sharm had to wait for one more night. You hold an important place in the history that Temi and I share, so, take this: twale! #
  • Saw these hanging stones at Cairo Airport, on my way to Sharm El-Sheik for the Internet Governance Forum. #IGF09 #
  • @guysoft Just leaving to join my Sharm-bound flight now. See you there! in reply to guysoft #

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