Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Hello Abuja! My first meeting came with one key message: Quarter 4 2009 will be extremely exciting but input will have to go up by 300%. LGT #
  • If you live in Nigeria, please complete the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ survey at and tell others to. #DLCN #
  • Follow @nnenna for updates from West African #IGF. Remember to join the Nigerian discussion November 5. Details at #waigf #
  • ComBIT Africa 2009 ( is offering FREE delegate spaces. SMS ‘COMBIT CONFERENCE’ with name and organisation to 08023910640. #
  • RT @nnenna: #waigf NIgeria has achieved 100% of the Lagos exchange point. Will be deploying an F-root server soon #
  • @niyyie I doubt that the NIXP will make such claims if it’s untrue though. Hear you’ll be at ComBIT Africa, I look forward to seeing you. in reply to niyyie #
  • @niyyie Sure. Meanwhile, do you know about Kelele – the African Bloggers’ Conference planned for Nairobi? It’s been rescheduled to mid 2010 in reply to niyyie #
  • @nnenna Thanks for keeping us in the loop! #waigf in reply to nnenna #

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