Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Pictures from the 09.09.09 presentation of ‘In My Own Words’ are now available at Visit #
  • Discussing ‘In My Own Words’ on ‘Rubbing Minds’ showing on Channels TV at 3pm today. After that, all roads lead to this month’s ACES meeting #
  • Our TV must be happy tonight, it’s getting some attention from Mr. & Mrs. 🙂 The TV has Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s Aromeh to thank. #
  • @kengimel Thanks. in reply to kengimel #
  • Congratulations to @oreoluwa for winning the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology ‘Change Agent Award’! #
  • Is there a public holiday on September 21/22(Monday/Tuesday next week) in Nigeria for ‘Eid al Fitr’? Need to know to plan a meeting. Thanks! #
  • FOR KENYANS: Have you noticed any difference in internet speed (up) and cost (down) since the Seacom cable went live last month? Asante sana #
  • My internet service provider sent SMS and eMail to remind me of subscription renewal – and just called my mobile number! I smell competition #
  • @BoyeOshinaga Excellent odour, if you ask me 🙂 It’s high time we moved beyond the 1978 ‘plug and pray’ service we literally beg for. Time! in reply to BoyeOshinaga #
  • Another interesting meeting with @rizwantayabali (virtually this time). is a free web app that allows you brainstorm online. #
  • Just returned from an interesting breakfast meeting with potential partners for PIN. Thanks to the British High Commissiner for hosting! #
  • Discussing ‘Unveiling the Truth’ with young people attending the TREM Young People’s camp this morning. It’ll be a long ride to the venue… #
  • May the pockets of anger I see (and smell) around Nigeria come together to actually pave way for the country we desire. Enough is enough! #
  • Leaving Ajegunle, where the Lagos correspondent of a global financial newspaper interviewed 8 of our graduates. Great stories! #
  • If you live in Lagos and wish to get a copy of my book, ‘In My Own Words’, you can do so at ThisDay Media Store (The Palms) from October 1 #
  • @gjmf Yes, you can get the book in the USA. You can use these links: (Amazon), (Imprimata Publishers) in reply to gjmf #
  • @BIUpresident Thanks and good to read from you. Temi and I may be in Benin so I’ll connect to know if that’d be earlier than your Lagos trip in reply to BIUpresident #
  • @eggheader If you don’t live/stay in Lagos, you can order from or They do all-Nigeria delivery. Cheers in reply to eggheader #
  • @Ivoryblossum If you don’t live in Lagos, you can order from,, or in reply to Ivoryblossum #
  • Reading the World Bank’s World Development Report 2010, with the theme, ‘Development and Climate Change’. See report at #

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