Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • If Nigeria’s young and middle class don’t take advantage of the 2011 electoral opportunity to force change, then we’ll wait for a long time! #
  • @oaina I actually meant Young and Middle Class as distinct groups. ‘Young’ because of size/energy and ‘Middle Class’ because of influence. in reply to oaina #
  • @lawwyy People do want change. That’s why we buy generators, sink bore holes, get private guards, etc. It’s now time to make that COLLECTIVE in reply to lawwyy #
  • Just concluded my presentation at a forum on ICTs hosted by DBI, Abuja. Prof. Akwule spoke just before me and Engr. Ndukwe is pseaking now. #
  • Teaching Web 2.0 tools (microblogging, media sharing, etc) at the DBI/Harvard Berkman Centre/Georgia Tech/McArthur NGO Forum later today #
  • Listening to Hillary Clinton’s major speech on Foreign Relations. Am I the only one, or is she gesticulating with her left hand like Obama? #
  • ( is now on twitter! Follow @ajegunledotorg for information about the project, updates and new stories! #

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