Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

  • “I don’t do this for recognition, reward or fame; I do it for the quiet satisfaction that comes with sweat.” – Gatorade energy drink advert #
  • Michael Letzig on Tiger Woods: ”I’ve never seen anyone hit irons like that, I tried not to watch him, but some of those shots were unreal” #
  • Risk or Revolution? One of Nigeria’s popular newspapers ( bets on a new strategy built on paid subscription. Will it work? #
  • @kazey In a market with alternatives, the natural option when you meet a brickwall is to migrate 😉 But I’d like to see their month-end hit in reply to kazey #
  • @agegelabs It’ll be interesting to see 🙂 My secret prediction is that their ‘exit’ will help ‘’ break into the list 🙂 Let’s see in reply to agegelabs #
  • Home sweet home! Temi and I leave for Nigeria few hours from now. I can’t wait even though the calendar is trying to scare me:) Bring it on! #

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