Invitation to the Microsoft NGO Academy

Nigeria’s non-profit institutions play a major role as they connect citizens with diverse services that they would otherwise have had no access to. Many of these NGOs work in rural areas or with underserved groups and could benefit a lot by employing the use of ICT tools, but they are yet to have their appropriate introduction beyond the meetings they have with consultants who provide them with one-off ICT services. Building on Microsoft’s work around giving much-needed support to NGOs across the world, hosting a Microsoft NGO Academy in Nigeria will help fill a huge gap that will improve organizational efficiency while also helping many non-profits save cost. The Academy will offer an intensive capacity-building program to further enhance skills in ICT, allow NGO staff learn more about Microsoft’s opportunities for non-profits, provide technical demonstrations of Microsoft products, give NGOs the opportunity to network with relevant government institutions and also host an ICT Clinic that will allow participants get answers to everyday ICT questions.

In partnership with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (University of Lagos), Microsoft will host a 2-day program at the Computer Centre of the Centre for Information Technology and Systems, University of Lagos on June 17 and 18, 2009. Fifty nominees from NGOs across Nigeria will be selected for the program, which will train participants on the use of ICT tools to improve their operations – and they will also get information about Microsoft’s many initiatives specifically designed for the third sector. On June 19, PIN will host an ICT Clinic that will provide on-the-spot answers to technology-related questions while also discussing the ongoing research on “Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians”. You are therefore invited to nominate one (1) person from your NGO to attend the training by sending a nomination letter to by June 5, 2009.

Please note that nomination may not mean automatic selection, and all participants will be responsible for their travel and lodging. Training, materials (including a copy of the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum CD), coffee break and lunch will be provided by Microsoft – at no cost to participants – on June 17 and 18.

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