Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • BarCampNigeria ends on an interesting note, it’s been a great day! #
  • Second panel is discussing Mobile Technology. Reasons to go mobile: Mobile phone to Computer ratio in terms of number and growth. #bcnigeria #
  • I’m not worried about ‘copying’ ideas (legally) as long as it’s part of a process: Ignore > Use > Copy > Contextualize > Innovate #bcnigeria #
  • I’m back at BarCamp Nigeria, where Microsoft West Africa’s N’Dee is discussing Web 2.0 #bcnigeria #
  • Assignment delivered at the seminar at The Leadership Centre. Making my way back to BarCamp Nigeria… checking updates at #
  • Interesting break-out session topics! @barcampnigeria, can we possibly ensure that at least one person tweets from each person? Thanks 😉 #
  • Leaving for the “Nigeria: The Challenge, The Change, The Champion” seminar ( in 12 minutes, but will be back to BarCamp. #
  • Practical experience from the panel: Start even if it’s unpopular. Make noise. Get better. Build ‘Trust Capital.’ Be consistent! #bcnigeria #
  • A child will never learn to walk by sitting still and waiting to “be able to walk”. Stand up, walk and learn on the go. #bcnigeria #
  • “Realizing Nigeria’s Internet potential” panel in progress with @edwardpopoola, @justinhartman, @startupsnigeria and @gbengasesan #bcnigeria #
  • @yinkuze Justin say’s at the moment #adgator is the active revenue but corporate reporting is a key model as well as premium services #
  • Justin is taking questions, does anyone following virtually have any? #bcnigeria #
  • Justin Hartman speaking about Afrigator. Critical growth factors: Passion, Innovation, Exposure, “Luck” (increases with hardwork) #bcnigeria #
  • BarCampNigeria kicked off a few minutes ago. I bet many of the fingers in this room are twittering #bcnigeria. Enjoy the tweets/pulses. #
  • If you feel the ‘information overload’, then you should read my new blog post, “@#!: Managing the Information Overload.” #
  • Twitter. FaceBook. eMails. Blogs. News. Information Overload!!! How do you manage all the overload and ride the waves? Tomorrow on my blog. #
  • Read my new blog post, “Lost in London,” at #
  • Thanks to @alukome, you can follow Saturday’s re-run elections in Ekiti State, Nigeria, on twitter (@ekitirr). Great sign for 2011, I think. #
  • @atadewunmi And I guess we owe you and the rest of the team a lot of thanks for making it happen! It’s time to tie the knots and get better. in reply to atadewunmi #
  • @LesleyAgams It’s an ad-hoc gathering of people who want to share and learn in an open environment. Everyone is a speaker and a participant. in reply to LesleyAgams #
  • I look forward to speaking at the T.E.A.M. seminar ( and networking at BarCamp Nigeria ( on Saturday! #
  • 15 great minutes! Discussed the future of social media in Nigeria with @NaijaPulse’s @yinkuze. It’s time to spell Appropriate Innovation! #
  • The world loves underdog stories. Stop crying about what could be the beginning of a breath-taking story! Want proof? See #
  • I’m so excited about the PIN/Microsoft anti-cybercrime campaign ( Ambassadors are cooking/delivering interesting projects #
  • A special day to celebrate the women in my life: the first anniversary of The Surprise ( for Temi! And my mum’s birthday! #
  • @yinkuze I’ll be back in London on Friday, but it’ll be a pass-through; I’ll be on my way straight to Heathrow so I can join @BarCampNigeria #
  • @boso Interesting. The church is even on twitter! My kinda church 😉 Following now, so I can check event dates with my travel plans. in reply to boso #
  • @Hillsong church (Dominion Theatre, London), I’ll be back! There’s nothing as beautiful as stopping everything else and just worshipping God #
  • Our decisions are the best mirrors for the face of our future, and it’s great to have one ready before – or during – our transition moments. #

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