Konrad Zuse ICT Scholarships

The so-called digital divide may mean people in developing countries are excluded from important global processes and cannot use new and resource-saving technologies and products. As a result, their productivity by international standards may decline and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals be jeopardized.


With its Konrad Zuse Scholarship Programme the German Government hopes to help narrow the digital divide. The Programme is intended to enable young entrepreneurs from developing countries to successfully start up an information and communications technology (ICT) business in their home countries.

Scholarship benefits
Konrad Zuse scholarships are worth 1200 euro a month and granted for up to one year. This sum is intended to cover all expenses incurred in Germany for medical insurance, accommodation, food etc. In addition the German Government meets the cost of air travel for one return trip to Germany per beneficiary. For all beneficiaries individual training plans are drawn up tailored to their specific requirements as well as the sector in which they intend to start up their business. The training includes an academic component as well as internships
in German companies active in the same sector as the prospective start-up.

Requirements for applicants

Applicants should have a university degree in informatics or a related field. Where deemed appropriate, this requirement may be waived for applicants with several years’ experience in the ICT industry. Applicants must have a good knowledge of English.

Application procedure
Applicants should submit to the German Embassy a business plan outlining what kind of business they intend to start up and how they propose to finance it as well as their degree certificate and curriculum vitae. Those with the best ideas will be sent a questionnaire to fill out giving further details of their business plan. The final selection will be made on this basis.

Deadline for applications
Applications must reach the German Embassy by 25 July 2008:

Attaché for Economic & Development Affairs Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
9 Lake Maracaibo Close, off Amazon Street Maitama, Abuja
Phone: 09-4130962
Fax: 09-4130949
Internet: www.abuja.diplo.de, wi-1@abuj.auswaertiges-amt.de

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