Random Musings from Kuala Lumpur

It’s almost 4am in Kuala Lumpur but my body is still operating within the GMT+3 time zone, so there’s no way I’m going to sleep anytime soon. The good news, though, is that Kayode and I just got back from seeing the new Chronicles of Narnia (Prince Caspian) on the big screen.

Friday was one of those roller coaster days but I appear to be getting better at managing the miles 😉 I left Cairo, where I joined other ITU Youth Forum alumni for the 2008 edition of the life-changing experience, on Friday and headed for Malaysia after a few hours. The story of how I got the Malaysian visa in Cairo should be a blog on its own but when next someone tells you that something is impossible, raise the bar for them and leap right over it.

My first day in Malaysia was made of gold, with Kayode filling in every gap (from the airport at 3pm until sometime before midnight) with an unforgetable welcome to Malaysia (truly Asia!) Our discussion, with a Deolu Akinyemi signature all over it, smells of something that will revolutionalize the ICT business space in Nigeria. Are you ready for the huge E? Well, it was a great way to spend the World Information Society Day.

Today has been quite a long one but the jewel was the informal meeting with the eLeaders (Jen, Manar and Armen). By the way, its Manar’s birthday today, so, many hearty cheers to the Kuwaiti princess! The vision of change becomes clearer by the day and I’m glad I made that decision, in 2000, to pursue the dream of helping to connect others with opportunities. It can only get better…

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