7 Wierd Things About Me

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1. I am shy one-on-one. Okay, I get raised eyebrows whenever I mention this, considering the fact that I obviously love group meetings and huge crowds. But when next you notice that I keep looking away at my laptop or almost-always-open phone, just note that I’m not lost in the gadget, I’m probably hiding a shy face.

2. I cry easily. Hotel Rwanda, Coach Carter, Remember the Titans, Pursuit of Happyness… they all made me cry! A soft movie, an inspiring story, a good song, a surprise gift on a TV show… trust my tear duct to open up. I’m not sure if it comes from the fact that I learnt how not to cry when being beaten (ask my seniors in FGC Idoani:)) but I have so much tears that all I need is some form of inspiration — some underdog who wins a competition or a pleasant surprise (even in a movie that is obviously following a written script).

3. Speaking of inspiration, much of my celebrated articles and award-winning projects were written in a particularly wierd location 😉 I’m not sure of which word to use but will small room paint the picture for you? How in the world do you type in such a place? Well, it works for me… and it dates back to when I was in secondary school. I read my lines for Chume in Professor Wole Soyinka’s Jero Plays in the same kind of room — but in a location 4 hours away from this present one.

4. My best hours of the day are obvious — late hours. But my best moments are shaped by two key things — number of people around me and how orderly my environment is. I often surprise myself at how creative I become when I’m alone at home over a period of time and I’m able to set things in order before getting to work. That doesn’t mean I don’t like being at work with my colleagues, but trust me when I say the preferred option is when the number of people in the same room with me is exactly 0.

5. I don’t like football. I just don’t understand the game, after trying so hard (can’t forget asking friends to teach me in my final year in High School). But a few years ago while speaking at a seminar in Ilorin (Kwara State, Nigeria), a lady walked up to me and said she forgave my earlier blunder (I had said something about ManU — sounded like Manyu to me — playing against Manchester United) and that I should please support Arsenal. I liked Arsenal.com, was inspired by Thierry Henry’s story and I now have an Arsenal logo on my phone even though I’m yet to be convinced of the pleasure in watching 22 adults run around a football field, chasing a small leather ball!

6. I probably drink garri more than anyone alive. I joined the Garri Appreciation Society on FaceBook as soon as I learnt about it, and I’ve once posted an update to say that “‘Gbenga Sesan is enjoying the G2SO4 treatment!” Bring me some cold water, and some crunchy groundnut and I can skip every other meal for the day. 3am. 11am. 4pm. 11pm. I’ve tried it all… but I don’t eat food made out of garri (a.k.a. eba.)

7. Okay, here’s one that many people will not believe. I’ve never bought a computer/laptop! Not at anytime in my life. I’ve had 2 desktops and 4 laptops between 2002 and now, but they’ve all been donated. First to lead tha pack was a friend who saw my website and we kept talking. I helped him with some reasearch in Nigeria and he showed up at Sheraton one day, with a laptop for me. Like my travels, I hope I don’t have to spend personal money on gadgets. Hint: Any smart PC company should talk to me before it’s too late 😉

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