From Words to Action…

Get ready... for something bigger than a revolution!

There are two laptops on the table, two minds at work, and probably two blogs… Edward is sitting directly opposite me, and he’s probably blogging on this same topic.

“Measuring the Impact!” That was the last of the hopefully catchy chapter titles we needed to come up with for the upcoming book on Nigerian youth engagement with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process. And as soon as we came up with the last of the titles, the idea of blogging about the book dawned on me. Its not only exciting writing the book and putting final touches to its content and layout… its a whole new experience trying to imagine how much of our work in the last few years have been compressed into this work.

Through the WSIS process, numerous documents have been produced by various members of the Nigerian WSIS Youth Caucus, and various meetings produced feedback from other young people through administered questionnaires. These results (from the questionnaire, campaign reports, meeting reports and articles) will remain as definite proof of the action taken by young Nigerians in their bid to move from words to action. Chronicling these results in the form of a book will place the inestimable information pack in the hands of a variety of beneficiaries – including researchers, development workers, international organisations, United Nations’ summit participants, young Nigerians, civil society, and many more.

In a book titled, Global Process, Local Reality — with a little less than a hundred pages, and amazing contributions from the people that can best tell the story of Nigerian youth’s inclusion in the WSIS process — one can only say at this point that you should keep your fingers crossed. Are you interested in knowing more about The Policy Train? Curious about how Nigeria’s youth were Extending the Perimeter? Would you be glad to know how we also did the work of Measuring the Impact? How about the opportunity of Reconnecting in Berlin or the popular journey From Bamako to Accra? We are also going to share with you on the task of Exporting the Influence and announce The Birth of N.Y.I.N. You would enjoy our story of The Road to Geneva and join us in answering The Quo Vadis Question. The book itself is History in the Making, and already, People are Talking! Not to worry, we’ll leave you with some Notes on Contributors.

The next few days will see myself and other team members finalising work on the book, and we are excited about Heinrich Boll Foundation’s amazing support! Get ready… what is about to hit the book stands is more than just a book, its an expression of the committment of young Nigerians to the responsibility of moving from words to action!

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