The Next Generation…

The Next Generation... bearers of hope and passionate delivery!

It was an interesting week, and with so many events that will remain with me for a while. From the online discussions on whether Nigerians should stay back to develop their country (and you can bet what my leaning was) to the reality of a strong need to start equipping the next generation of ICT champions for Nigeria, there was enough to occupy the mind and get the fingers going — on the keyboard. How about the past-midnight writings, which was just about to end when another writing challenge (opportunity, actually) reared its beautiful head.

But of all these, the need to start considering the place of younger people in ICT leadership races ahead in my mind. As I look into the mirror each day, I catch myself wondering where that innocent young face is fast disappearing to… and suddenly find myself travelling back in time, to the days when I used to look into the mirror and say things like, “I will one day stand to share my thoughts with audiences”, even though the only audience at that time were just two people — my humble self and my reflection in the mirror.

But are there also some young people today who are considering the place of nation building alongside their personal development and cash rewards? The economy of the country, the harsh realities of the labour market, the not-too-nice attittude of “what-can-I-do-to-fix-a-failed-system”, and more, do not help. Each young person grows up admiring “role models” who literally have no enviable character in their blood! Quo Vadis Nigeria? All hope is not lost… sure not.

In the last few months, I’ve been meeting some young (actually, younger would be the operative word there) people who will make better leaders for Nigeria’s Information Society. The challenge, now, is to identify, equip and motivate thesm. They are the next generation, they are the bridge between failing visions and hopeful action. And maybe they will do to many people what Prof. Wole Soyinka said about a passionate young man a few months ago… “youths like you rejuvenate us and whip up our flagging energies”… I see a New Nigeria!

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