Inside Bibliotheca Alexandria

Image from the BA website

I have just listened to an amazing speaker whose last few words resounded the need for young people to remain curious and make sure that they ask questions instead of accepting what life brings. This resonates with me, and naturally took my fingers to the keyboard, because of the need for young people to begin to see every problem as something begging for a solution. The speaker hinted that maybe someone in the audience might just be rewarded with a Nobel peace Prize for work done, but I am just excited about the fact that we (as young people) can solve the problems around us — and, more-often-than-not, be rewarded for it.

I’m in Egypt until the 3rd of September for two meetings (the Youth Employment Summit in Alexandria and the International Youth Forum in Sharm) but spent the first few days in Cairo for reasons best known to the deadlines starring at me from my two calendars. Inflight, I read a bit about the City of Peace, Sharm El Sheikh, where the Suzanne Mubarak Foundation is hosting a unique youth event that focuses on ICTs and Peace. I won’t be there until tomorrow, so I guess I should just wait and see if its as thrilling as magazines and websites say.

While here, I’m following the great progress with the project (led by Ugo Nwosu for PIN). Latest updates include the good news from FATE Foundation: 11 slots have been reserved for the trainees on various programs at FATE’s school of entrepreneurship. And on the 31st of August, a trainee of the first set of the project will walk into Trade & Investment, British Deputy High Commission, Lagos, as an intern! I could go on and on… but let me also talk about the Nigerian by Choice (NBC) Conference. Set to hold on the 15th of September, confirmations keep coming in from every end — on FaceBook, through the registration platform, by phone (+44 78 779 030 56), through eMail (kayode[at]… please spread the word among Nigerians in the UK.

Back to the Biblioteca Alexandria now… you can’t help wander each time you look up in any of the various rooms in this library (which, by the way, hosts an archive of the Internet ;-)). I don’t know the name of this particular room (or should I go outside to check?) but it also offers some unique design that merges art with style. When you do come to Egypt, please visit Alexandria and see this library — and you can take a sneak preview online at the online gallery.

The break is over… talk to you soon.

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