Imagining the Internet: A History and Forecast

(c) Imagining the Internet Project

In October 2006, I was in Athens at the Internet Governance Forum, to join global experts in discussing the possible future of the Internet — and how certain issues could be resolved. During the event, I met the Imagining the Internet team and they asked for an interview. I’m glad to inform you that the interviews are now online, “packaged as a documentary film and as 27 individual interviews. These videos can be accessed at” In the words of the organizers, “… [the interviews] offer the full content of … sessions conducted in 2006 with international stakeholders from 18 different nations at the world’s first Internet Governance Forum in Athens, Greece. They were asked to speak about their deepest hopes and fears for the future of the internet, and they addressed topics tied to their areas of expertise.”

I was excited to see my interview, but the opportunity of sharing the documentary space with the legendary Vint Cerf (and 25 other pioneers in their own rights) left me almost speechless. Vint’s video (34.6MB) is at while mine (107MB) is at

NB: For those who have been contacting Ugo for the Lagos and Warri meetings, please see the announcements again for more details.

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