It’s My Mother’s Day!

Mothers’ Days are always special, but today’s is different — it’s my mum birthday, coming only 17 days (and a few years) after my Dad’s. You may be able to explain the fact that they were both born in April but how do you explain that Tunde, Jumoke, ‘Gbenga and Tosin were born on July 24, July 4, July 27 and July 27 respectively — and they are all from the same Mr. & Mrs. Sesan. 🙂

My mum, the woman whose pictures from her public speaking engagements made me desire handling the mic even while I couldn’t stand a crowd of 2, is 58 today (oops, being a lady, I’m sure she won’t like her age in the public domain :)) and in celebration of her special day, I thought up a project which my friends from every corner of the planet have been executing withh so much passion. One of them wrote in at 12:44 (via SMS) and said, “Situation Report: Project 58 Assignment Executed…”. This is sin apparent response to a text message I sent to 58 friends, which said:

Please join me in my Project 58! My mum is 58 today and I’d like my friends to thank her for being there for me and the entire family. Text or call …

Calls and SMS reports have been pouring in since then, and one of them said, “she sounded so happy when I called.” That’s the plan 😉 To everyone who joined in to make Project 58 a success, thank you. To the woman, exceptional woman at the centre of it all, I love you! And I hope she also gets the message that sometime next year, she may get to meet almost all the people who called her at the same venue. Mothers are central to life’s values, and there’s nothing that can be defined as too much when it comes to children appreciating their mothers. And to the man behind the woman, enjoy the day — and your entire lifetime with her.

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