A Short Trip to the Past

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When last did you time-travel or take a short trip to your past, and then the future? Please do not accuse me of suffering from any hangover from Deja Vu (the movie I saw yesterday night) because all I had to do was to look through my library to find my diaries and journals from 1998!

It was extremely interesting reading the things I wrote between 1998 and 2005, and I even spotted a plan for 1999 – 2010 that looks very different from what I now have in terms of details — but had a striking similarity in terms of postgraduate plans and focus on the use of technology for development. I was able to compare the past with the present to redefine future directions, and this further strengthened my resolve in terms of the daily steps that will take me there.

If you make a habit of documenting your thoughts and plans, you will find it easier to look back into the past in order to compare with where you are and make more informed decisions about the future. Start now, because 2007 will be 10 years ago by 2017 — and mark my words, 2017 isn’t as far out as you think.

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