2007: The Opportunity for Nigerians to Reclaim Nigeria*

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Enough is enough! The rise of apathy and inaction of the good people of Nigeria who ought to participate in the electoral process has become a source of worry and concern. Nigeria is where she is today because the people of this great country have consciously and unconsciously refused to participate towards the building of a new Nigeria. We appreciate and understand the reason for the inaction and apathy; it is simply because we have become the victims of failed promises. Most governments from the point of independence have always proposed beautiful programmes, but their inability to actualize these promises has always brought about a sense of hopelessness on the polity. Those in government have continued to develop “fat cheeks” while the institutions that could provide quality services to the people of Nigeria are collapsing. This state of atrophy is vividly encapsulated in the state of our country’s educational sector and the staggering unemployment figures. Imagine a country that produces well over 130, 000 graduates annually and can only offer a paltry 13, 000 jobs without creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive.

Where do they go? What do they do?

We have come to the conclusion that it is in fact unhealthy for us to continue this way. Something has got to happen and it has got to happen fast! I mean very fast!! It is as a result of this development that we the concerned youths of this great country Nigeria, have decided to be fully engaged in this electoral process in order to safeguard our future. This act needless to say is the first of its kind in recent times where young people come together to volunteer their time and resources, to give credence to true democracy. This is the time to ask the question “what can I do”? The answer to this question is relatively simple; we will arise as young people all over the country to rally around a credible candidate. One of immense vision, integrity, imbued with intellectual prowess, one whose antecedents have proven beyond reasonable doubt his ability to propagate to reality the cravings of the Nigerian youth.

This great man in question is no other than Professor Pat Utomi. A man who exudes the characteristics and the pedigree that our ailing country Nigeria is in dire need of. Any which way we look at it, his only crime would be that he is a “good man” and has no place in the Nigerian politics. Says who?

The only way he is going to get there is if we say “no” to the money politics and give credible people like him a fighting chance. This is why we beckon on you the civil societies, the press and most of all the Nigerian youth to join us (Utomi for President Volunteer Force) to make a difference and break these chains of poverty, manipulation and injustice. Join us as we march forward to the realization of the Nigeria of our dreams, the Nigeria our founding fathers so fervently fought for, the Nigeria we so desperately need at this delicate juncture of our nascent democracy.

Take a stand for this positive movement, march with us today and tell your children tomorrow that you were a part of the catalyst that brought about the transformation of our father land.

We would like to seize this opportunity to formally present to the good people of Nigeria, and indeed the entire world, the Utomi for President Volunteer Force (UFPVF). Our mandate is to become a 5 million-strong force (made up of Nigerians below the age of 40) by March 2007. For further inquiry on how you too can be a member of the Utomi for President Volunteer Force (UFPVF), please contact us at:

9 Adebola Street
Off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street
+234-1- 8731861 (Charles)
+234-1-8731489 (Martha)
+234-1- 4823856 (Linus)

*Mr. Linus Okorie read this speech at the public presentation of the UFPVF in Lagos, Nigeria

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