Nigeria Seeks to Harmonize ICT Efforts

(c) Paradigm Initiative Nigeria

No doubt, the boundaries that existed between telecommunications, broadcasting and Information Technology are increasingly thinnning out, and bowing to the concept of convergence. To this end, I am pleased to advise that the Federal Government has set up a Presidential Task Force on ICT Harmonization. The Task Force will recommend to government measures to be put in place for an institutional and structural framework that will result in a more effective, efficient and harmonized performance of ministries and organisations that are involved in policy making, regulation and implementation of government policies in the telecommunications and ICT sector in the country.

One of the sub-committees of the Task Force, the Technical sub-committee, has the following terms of reference:
(i) To identify areas of modern innovations in the telecommunications, broadcasting and IT sectors that enjoy common mode of operation with a view to ascertaining and stating the implication and viability of establishing a common regulatory regime for such mode of operation
(ii) To identify stages of telecommunications, broadcasting and IT convergence as it affects prevailing government policies and regulatory agencies in terms of services provided, market implications, industrial alliance and platforms to be adopted relative to convergence of technology
(iii) Propose regulatory and policy models that will address the issue of agressive programme for rural and urban ubiquitous access to telecommunications, broadcasting and IT facilities.

I am sure you would like to help Nigeria towards the opportunity to benefit from the convergence within the ICT space (and reduce the rate of duplication and “interference of services”), so please note that a “rolling” call for inputs (on the terms of reference highlighted above) has been made towards the subsequent meetings of the technical sub-committee. Please send all comments to on/before October 1, 2006. I am hoping that your views and comments will be presented to the technical sub-committee at its October meeting. I look forward to receiving your comments, and thank you for your kind support.

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