The Nigerian Bloggers’ Forum

Prepare to participate... here comes the Nigerian Bloggers' Forum

I strongly believe that its time to bring home the strengths of blogging.

Nigerians are good at whatever they set their minds to… and have often been caught doing such better tha the originators 😉 And there’s a usual “wave of popularity” that helps us with this attribute! In the last few days (and I suspect this has a lot to do with my recent focus on blogging as an avenue for development), I have been noticing the increased rate of blogging in Nigeria. Students, journalists, Nigerians in diaspora, just name them… and the blog-names come in varying proportions too.

A few days before I set up this blog (while I was borrowing blog-space), I discussed the idea of a Bloggers’ Forum with 2 of Nigeria’s finest… and we agreed on the need to bring Nigerian bloggers together for the twin purpose of networking and creating development opportunities through blogging. In the next few weeks, discussions will hold around this urgent need — across sectors, interests and locations — and I hope that we’ll soon be finalising issues such as theme. One thing is sure, blogging will help increase Nigerian web content… but will we see blogs in local Nigerian languages (the 360, or so, of them)? Will the strokes some more easily without the need for graphical support?

All these, and many other questions, are the reasons why Nigerian bloggers need to come together for a National Confab, and why other Nigerians need to hook up to the blogging lane… such that we’ll not really need email addresses, resumes and profile pages. All you’ll need to ask a new friend is, “waht’s your blog URL?” Interviewers will ask you to show them — or discuss — your most recent blog post. I can already see the Nigerian media (especially those reporting ICTs) maximising this opportunity — and only hope we’ll ride on the wings of this technology platform to increase the volume of positive and necessary Nigerian content on the web.

Prepare to be an active part of the (planning and participation of the) Nigerian Bloggers’ Forum…

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